Workman Creek

Workman Creek, Tonto National Forest, Arizona USA

The Workman Creek area offers the beautiful scenery with super photography opportunities and access to the Sierra Ancha Wilderness. The area is home to wildlife such as bear, white-tailed and mule deer, javelina, elk, turkey, mountain lions and much more! There are ancient historical and prehistoric sites within the Workman Creek area, as well as the nearby Aztec Peak Lookout.

One of the most popular attractions in the area is the plunging 200 foot Workman Creek Falls, which you can visit with your car. The best time to visit is just after heavy rains. From the pull off at the head of the waterfalls there is a good viewpoint back down the road a short distance at an obvious rock outcropping that looks down into the large bowl that the waterfalls plunge into. If you climb on the rocks in the area, be very careful, because they are very slippery and slick, especially when they're wet. You can also walk down the road a bit further to a scree slope where the road makes a bend. From there it is possible to climb down the slope and walk around the base of Workman Creek Falls.

Some adventure seekers even choose to rappel down the falls, but of course you will need to be prepared with the proper equipment (a 200' foot rope plus another 100' foot or so to back up the anchor, harness, descender and helmet).

Workman Creek is provides a habitat for a great number of plants and animals, including many sensitive species. Riparian zones such as the Workman Creek area are essential for wildlife by providing food, water and shelter. When you visit Workman Creek, please help to take care of the beautiful ecosystem by: camping in designated areas only, avoiding damage to or picking any plants, and minimizing your impact on the ecosystem.


From Phoenix, travel east on Highway 60 almost to Globe, Arizona. Turn left (north) onto Highway 188 (also listed as 88 on some maps) and travel 14.4 miles to Highway 288. Turn right on 288, which is paved at first and after a short distance you will cross the Salt River on a single lane bridge. After 12.2 miles you will come to an intersection with a left branching "A Cross Road" (FR60). Continue straight on Highway 288 for approximately 12 more miles to just past mile marker 284 and follow the directions on a brown sign for the Workman Creek Recreation Area, Sierra Ancha Wilderness. Turn right and travel 3.2 miles up past several established campgrounds to the head of the falls and several small pull offs.

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